DVLA Change of Address

As you probably know, your address is featured on both your Provisional Driving Licence and your Driving Licence and is a way of the DVLA identifying both you and your vehicle. So if your address changes, it is important to notify the DVLA of this.

To do this you need to call the DVLA on 0300 790 6802

Changing the address on your licence

Changing the address featured on your DVLA driving licence is free and applying to change it is usually done using your Government Gateway ID. If you are wondering what this is or are unsure whether you have one, you will be given one as part of your registration application. You can also re-register if anything has been misplaced. Failure to notify the DVLA of an www.contactthedvla.co.ukaddress change can result in a fine of up to £1000 so it is important to do so as soon as you are aware of your own circumstances. If your vehicle registration (tax) is paid to the DVLA via direct debit they will need to be notified in order to ensure the payment is still made.

By visiting the DVLA website you can start the straightforward process of changing your address. If you are having trouble obtaining your Gateway ID, you can call the DVLA on 08444530118, as you will need this when filling out your change of address form.

Changing the address on your V5C log book

When you change your address it will also need to be changed on the log book that records your vehicle. Your registration is expected to be updated regularlwww.contactthedvla.co.uky with any kind of changes. Changes should be marked in your V5C log book if it is to be kept at your new address. To record your new address, fill out the details in section six of the V5C log book, please note the DVLA wont accept join names or a post office box addresses. Sign and date the declaration which can be found in section 8, and then send the whole thing back to the DVLA.

To change the address in your V5C log book if you have misplaced it, visit the DVLA website and use the V62 form to change your name and address. The cost is £25 and will take 2-4 weeks. If your vehicle needs taxing at the same time as your address change, if you take your V5C to the post office you can pay your vehicle tax and change your address at the same time.

Changing the name or gender on your driving licence

In order to change your name or gender on your driving licence you must send the DVLA your old licence, along with an application form stating your new details, with evidence of your new name and/or gender. The same process applies to if you are changing your title eg. from ‘miss’ to ‘mrs’. Please note that the process differs in Northern Ireland.