DVLA Medical Contact

The DVLA must be notified if you have a medical condition that could potentially affect your driving. These medical conditions include anything that may impair your vision, if you suffer from strokes or have been diagnosed with epilepsy. It is important that the DVLA is notified of your condition and failure to do so can result in a fine of £1000.

Notifying the DVLA of your condition requires you to go online and fill out the correct form, there are different forms for different conditions. If you are confused over which one to fill out, call the DVLA on 0300 790 6802 for assistance. www.contactthedvla.co.uk

Surrendering your licence to the DVLA is required if you have been told by your doctor you are no longer medically fit to drive. Even if your doctor has not said so, if you are not meeting the required standards for driving you will need to surrender your licence. The sooner you surrender your licence when required, the sooner you will be able to start driving again.

Age Limit

A UK citizen can hold a driving licence up until the age of 70, after 70 a renewal of a driving licence is required every three years.

Group 1 Licence

The group 1 licence refers to a regular licence, group 1 licence holders can drive a car or a motorcycle. The only restriction on this licence is any of the above mentioned medical conditions, and if a driver reaches the age of 70. A person must be 17 to apply for a provisional licence.

Group 2 Licencewww.contacthtedvla.co.uk

This licence is issued to large lorry and bus drivers and the age limits on these licences understandably differ slightly. The licence cannot be issued to anyone under 21 and expires at 45. Once the holder reaches 45 they are reviewed every five years and withdrawn at 65. Some licences issued may be shorter and this will be for medical reasons. If a person under the age of 21 wishes to have a group 2 licence they can do so by gaining or training towards the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence at the age of 18. All group 2 licence holders are required to undergo a medical examination by a registered medical practitioner and is required to be repeated once the person turns 45.

Returning to driving after a medical condition

in this case, different rules apply for different circumstances. if you voluntarily surrendered your licence, you may be able to start driving again sooner than if it was revoked or pulled for medical reasons.

Licences that were revoked can be re-applied for when your doctor is happy that you meet the medical standards required for driving. If you have surrendered your licence, you are entitled to get driving again whilst your licence is being renewed, under the following conditions:

  • Your licence is valid
  • Your doctor supports your decision to return to driving
  • Your licence wasn’t refused for medical reasons
  • You’re not disqualified from driving
  • You drive under the same conditions as the previous licence
  • Your application for renewal is less than a year old.

Contact the DVLA if you unsure when you can return to driving.